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Miracle Stories

Raymond is from Brgy. Handuman, Negros Occidental. His mother died on December 18, 2012 in Brgy. Handumanan. Since then, Raymond lived with his maternal grandmother and two unmarried uncles who are presently unemployed. Raymond’s grandmother works as a barker in the streets of Bacolod and assists private cars to find parking. The family is dependent on her earnings. Raymond’s grandmother surrendered him to KALIPAY because she could no longer provide for his basic needs.  He is now at Recovered Treasures.

Raymond is currently attending preschool class at the Bethany Life Center Academy. He participates well in class and school activities. He is active and healthy. During his stay he has not experienced any sickness in the Home. He has a good appetite and has gained some new friends with children of his age.

He aims to finish his education and become a doctor someday and with your help, Raymond can achieve these dreams.



On October 2012, Cathy (12 y.o.) was rescued. Her own grandparents who took care of her, abused her for years. There were even times when she was electrocuted by her own grandmother. Cathy endured all their physical and verbal abuse inflicted upon her. Sadly, her mother had no means to support her. On the same day that she ran away, she was rescued by a Kalipay social worker.

It has been months since Cathy was rescued. She is now happy and at peace. She is fond of singing, joins in almost all home activities and loves to fix herself. She now has a lot of friends and she has started to trust the people around her.


David (12 y.o.) was rescued from the Bacolod Plaza sometime on July 2012. He was seen loitering around the area, and begging for food. He grew up in a big family. The family’s only income is from planting flower seeds and selling them in the market. Since the income was not sufficient to sustain his family’s needs, one of David's siblings died of severe malnutrition. Because David's father is hooked on gambling the family cannot make ends meet. At times when David and his mother would come home only with little earnings, his father would get mad and physically abuse them. David has shown great improvement in his behavior and in the way he deals with people around him. His smiles are genuine and his eyes light up when he is happy. He still remembers his mother and younger siblings but he is determined to stay in Haven where he will have the opportunity for an education and fulfill his dream of becoming a seaman.



Levi is one of the kids recently rescued by Kalipay. He is a fun loving boy and is 11 years old today. Sadly, Levi was not able to finish Grade 1, preferring to skip classes and beg for alms. With his physical defect it was easy for people to take pity on him. He comes from a very poor family that could not afford to seek medical treatment. Kalipay brought Levi to a specialist and he was diagnosed to have congenital nasofrontal encephalocele, which is a neural tube defect where brain matter protrudes from the skull. Option for operation is being explored and further medical interventions are being done for the best welfare of Levi.


Jonie, 4 years old was rescued from the streets of Bacolod City. He was severely malnourished and dehydrated with worm parasites in his stomach and was found with several deep neck and body knife wounds.

The child was physically abused by his own mother and was referred to Kalipay by a concerned citizen for proper disposition and medical care. He was then brought to our Haven Home.

Now, just after a few months, Jonie is a healthy and jolly kid who loves to dance. Kalipay’s very own kiddie star!

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