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Glow Concert for the benefit of Kalipay


We would like to invite you to watch Nonoy Zuñiga and Rey Valera’s concert on December 7 at SMX for the benefit of Kalipay.

Vice Ganda brings joy




Vice Ganda brings joy

By Carla Gomez


Box office star Vice Ganda staged a three-hour concert filled with nonstop laughter and music before a c rowd of about 6,000 at the University of St. La Salle Coliseum in Bacolod City Sunday night.


The performer sang to an appreciative and cheering crowd, and stopped for selfies with the audience without missing a beat.


The “Vice Gandang Ganda Sa Sarili sa Bacolod!” was staged for the benefit of Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization that provides disadvantaged children with shelter, food, healthcare and education.


Anna Balcells, Kalipay founder and president, said she did not realize that Vice Ganda, aside from being a comedian, also has a beautiful voice. She said the songs he sang were geared towards inspiring people to believe in their selves.


Before the show, Vice Ganda asked to meet with the people behind Kalipay, its volunteers and children.


He was very loving, cool and kind to the children, and showed that he really cared, Balcells said.


Balcells said they are thankful to the comedian for being a truly loving and caring person.


Also performing with Vice Ganda were comedians MC and Lassi and performer Rayver Cruz.


The Negros producer of the show brought to Bacolod City by ABS-CBN, JCI, TSE Live and Valley of Peace was Mhel Sillador. *CPG


AWCP Halloween Event


Dear Friends of Kalipay and AWCP,



The 2017 AWCP annual charity event is guaranteed to be a "spook-tacular" evening with a Halloween Charity PARTY! on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at the Fairmont Raffles Makati Hotel. We anticipate over 225 attendees who will enjoy dinner, dancing, a silent auction and raffle, along with Halloween entertainment and prizes for the best costumes.


In addition to a fun-filled evening, the 2017 Halloween Charity PARTY! will support the Kalipay Negrense Foundation, an organization working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children including those who are homeless, physically and sexually abused, malnourished, victims of child trafficking and labor, foundlings. Based in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Kalipay offers hope by providing shelter, food, healthcare, counseling, and education.


Thank you and we look forward to your anticipation in the 2017 AWCP Halloween Ball.



Gerald Medical Bulletin 4


Dear Friends,


I am rejoicing to share with all of you that after 16 days of admission at Corazon Locsin Montelibano Regional Hospital, our dear Gerald has finally been discharged. Everything seems to be very well with him. He is very much ambulatory and able to take care of himself. He was prescribed to continue his anti-biotics for 7 more days. Since the doctor did not provide diet restrictions, Gerald can now finally enjoy eating his food (burger).

During his admission, his older brother (Rojun) and younger sister (Gerren) have really been helpful in taking care of Gerald.


Thank you very much for journeying with us in bringing joy to Gerald. I am still at awe with your kind help and generosity of spirit. Please continue to be hopeful with us for a favorable biopsy result for Gerald.


Love, Anna


Gerald Medical Bulletin 3


Dear Friends,


Four Days after the operation, Gerald is doing well. Last Friday, his Intravenous Line was changed to heplock but he is still on Epidural Catheter with Ongoing drip of Ropivacaine to control pain with the attached Chest Thoracotomy Tube (CTT). Dr. Manlapao initially planned to remove his CTT last Saturday but he postponed it given that there were still secretions being drained.

Though he had a low fever last Friday, but it was managed well. He has no diet restrictions and is encouraged to ambulate time to time. As per our inquiry, the Biopsy result will be released within 7-14 days.

Let us continue to hope for best for our dear Gerald.




Gerald Medical Bulletin 2



Dear Friends,

I am deeply humbled from all the support you have extended to Gerald. Our dear Gerald had his surgery earlier today at 7:30 am. He was placed under general anaesthesia through inhalation. The surgery was originally scheduled last Wednesday, but due to unavailability of the room to be used post-operatively, the doctor recommended to postpone the procedure to today.

The pulmonary mass has been removed without the need of lobectomy. We are very thankful to the professionalism extended by Dr. Norman Manlapao and Dr. Dominador Nalumen and the team of nurses of CLMMRH who are taking care of Gerald.

Presently Gerald is in the Recovery Room attached to a Chest Thoracotomy Tube. Let’s continue to pray Gerald’s Recovery and for a favorable biopsy result.




Gerald Medical Bulletin 1


At 2:30pm of July 10, 2017, Gerald has been admitted in Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital (CLMMRH) in preparation for the surgery on Wednesday. CLMMRH is a tertiary teaching-training hospital that serves as the sole end referral government hospital for the entire province of Negros Occidental.

Gerald will be under the care of Dr. Norman Manlapao, a thoracovascular surgeon, in co-management with Dr. Rhea Joy Tabujara, who will facilitate the Cardio Pulmonary Clearance prior to surgery. The following laboratory and diagnostics test have been ordered: CBC, Blood Typing, Chest XRay, ECG 12 leads, Serum Potassium, Serum Sodium, Serum Creatinine, CT, BT, protime, APTT & TPAG.

He is presently scheduled to undergo Thoracotomy Biopsy of Pulmonary mass with frozen section, excision of the mass and possible lobectomy on Wednesday.

Thank you very much for joining us in the journey of bringing joy to our dear Gerald.





Dear Friends in Manila,

We are inviting you all to a Fund Raising Event for Kalipay Negrense Foundation, 'I GIVE YOU MY ART" on December 10 at the Provenance Art Gallery, 2F Shangri-la at the Fort at 5pm.

The exhibit will run until January 3, 2017.

Kalipay Negrense is truly grateful to Joanna Preysler Francisco and her husband Raul Francisco for organizing this special event.

Message from Joanna:

Hi there! I know there are a million & one events coming up this holiday season, but I promise you this is a worthy one!

We at Provenance Gallery will end the year with a bang as we launch I GIVE YOU MY ART... Presenting 50+ Filipino contemporary artists, wherein a generous portion of the sales will be for the benefit of the Kalipay Negrense Foundation (for disadvantaged, abused & abandoned children). This is a foundation that's very close to our hearts, and you will surely be touched by the work they do in changing the lives of innocent children!

What the world needs now is love, sweet love!! Let's share it & spread it!!

See you December 10 at 5pm!

Monserrat Marti Benefit Concert for Kalipay in Barcelona, Spain

Jueves 23 de Febrero a las 20:00, se va a celebrar un concierto benefico organizado por todos los voluntarios que ya han venido o vendrán a Kalipay en una sala prestada por la Parroquia de la Paz en Sarria. ¡Animamos a todos aquellos que vivan en Barcelona no perder esta gran oportunidad! Hemos conseguido traer un pedacito de Filipinas a España y queremos que todos forméis parte de esta gran familiar. Gracia a Montse Martí por prestarse a venir y realizar este concierto. Tenemos que llegar a 300 ¿podemos contar contigo? ¡ Anímate!


Chan concert for Kalipay set


Chan concert for Kalipay set

Ilonggo balladeer and composer Jose Mari Chan is holding a concert at the La Proa Ballroom of L'Fisher Hotel in Bacolod City , 8 p.m. on December 14, for the benefit of the children of Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc., its president Anna Balcells said yesterday.

Chan, who sponsors the education of 12 children from Kalipay, has also invited some of the kids of the foundation to perform with him at the concert, Balcells said.

His “Going Home to Christmas" concert will bring an evening of beautiful music and will raise badly needed funds for Kalipay, a non-profit organization, that cares for abandoned, neglected, physically and sexually abused, malnourished children, and those who were victims of child labor and trafficking, she added.

Balcells said Chan is doing the show all for free, 100 percent of the proceeds of the show will all go to Kalipay.

Among the children Kalipay has helped are baby Ryan and Robert, his 10-year old uncle, seen sleeping on the dirty street near the Bacolod Public Plaza, whose video was posted on Facebook.

It was by chance that Kalipay came across the video, Balcells said.

A few days later, with the help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the children were brought to Kalipay's care.

Ryan's mother was just a teenager when she had Ryan. Shortly after Ryan was born, she left him in her parents' care, but it was Robert who took over the responsibility of looking after him.

Ryan's grandparents forced Robert and him to beg on the streets. With Ryan on his hip, Robert would beg for money, help park or look after other people's cars just to earn. Whatever meager income he could earn would then be used to buy food for himself, and since milk is expensive, he would buy coffee for Ryan. The rest would be for Ryan's grandparents.

Whenever they didn't have money to bring home, they were badly beaten by the grandfather. He would also burn Ryan's feet with his cigarettes as punishment.

When they were rescued, Ryan was severely malnourished, had pneumonia, intestinal parasites, skin disease, and had several wounds on his feet, both from infected old burns, and fresh ones. Robert was 10, but had little experience being in school.

Now, Robert is in school, and has since then learned to let go of the responsibility of acting as Ryan's parent. He gets along well with the other children, and plays sports with them. Ryan, on the other hand, had gained weight, and since his feet has long healed from the cigarette burns, he runs around and plays with the other toddlers in the home.

In middle of April 2015, it was also brought to the attention of Kalipay that six young children had been abandoned by their mother, Balcells said.

They were living in poor conditions – with not enough food to eat, and only the older siblings to look after them.

They had been left under the care of their mother's husband, who worked to provide for them despite knowing that the six children were fathered by another man. Whatever he earned was not enough to sustain the needs of his total nine children.

It was then that the six siblings aged 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 3 months old, were brought to Kalipay

When they were rescued, they were all malnourished – especially the two youngest ones.

Since then, they have shown remarkable improvement. The two older siblings are doing very well in school, two are being taught basic education every morning, and the youngest ones are now in much better health.

Chan's concert will benefit children like Ryan and Robert, and the six children abandoned by their mother.

VIP tickets are sold at P4,000, Gold tickets at P3,000, Silver tickets are at P2,000, and Bronze at P1,000, Mhel Sillador, event producer, said.


Tickets are now available at the Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc. office, located at Room 1, Ground Floor, MARC Building, Ylac Avenue, Barangay Villamonte, Bacolod City, or those interested can call +63 34 435 2496 or +63 917 700 2345 for inquiries, Sillador added.*

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