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Programs and Campaigns
Residential Care Program - Drop-in Center: Haven Home


In the pursuit of KNFI’s vision and mission to support the causes of disadvantaged children, this year the foundation opened a dwelling that serves as the “half-way home” or drop-in center for newly rescued children.  The center caters to children ages 2-12 years who may be victims of physical or sexual abuse, trafficking, child labor, as well as orphaned, abandoned, and neglected children on a short–term basis for a period of 1-6 months.  The tenure of stay of a child in the center varies depending on the case assessment and evaluation of our social workers.  The center is open to accept direct or indirect referrals from other child caring institutions and private persons.

Residential Care Program - Recovered Treasures Home


The home is located in Bago City, and occupying a total land area of 4.9 hectares. The facilities include a children’s dorm (1 for the girls; 1 for the boys) bathroom with toilets, dining hall, kitchen, T.V./living room, sick bay, office, and staff house. Specific facilities for varied functions are as follows:

·      Classrooms – used for the formal schooling of the children. The school is in a partnership with Bethany Christian Academy. Professional and licensed teachers were hired by the school administrator to handle the formal education of the children.

·      Guest rooms – provided to volunteers who come to the home to render service.

·      Activity Center – available for all the activities of the children as well as a receiving area for visitors.

Independent Living Program (ILP) for College Students: Haven Home


This program caters to older teens and young adults who has been in our homes and are eager to pursue higher education.  It prepares them for reintegration to the society and independent living whilst finishing their formal education.  Although the participants share the same residence with the newly rescued children at Haven Home, the operation and management of Independent Living Program (ILP) is administered separately and based on different principles. The participants are provided with various opportunities for experiential learning through exposure and community reintegration.  There are set rules conceptualized by the social worker and accepted by the participants and implemented under the supervision of the Social Worker and Program Coordinator.  The participants are also provided with life skill trainings to enhance their personal and social capabilities.

Volunteers Program

KALIPAY has been accepting local and international volunteers since 2011.  Volunteers conduct various activities and services that are beneficial to the full development of the children in the residential homes.  Volunteers are seen as partners in Kalipay’s vision in providing for the needs of disadvantaged children and protecting their rights.  The services that they render create a great impact with lasting impressions on the development of the children.

Community Outreach Program: Victims of Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda


In our advocacy to decrease the number of the disadvantaged children, Kalipay extends our services to the most basic community structure that influences these children’s lives – the FAMILY.

Towards the end of 2013, one of the strongest typhoons in the world, typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda took many lives and left numerous families homeless. Only few know that there were also several communities in the northeastern part of Negros Occidental that were badly affected. In response to this tragic event, Kalipay has adopted a community that was not given much attention, the island of Lakawon, Cadiz Viejo, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental. The island has approximately 300 households and they will soon be transferred to a relocation site located in mainland Cadiz Viejo that will result in easier access and egress. Furthermore, there will no longer be a risk of the community being isolated from the rest of the province.

The commitment of Kalipay would not only end in the provision of basic services such as housing and livelihood. Its aim is to help the community rebuild their lives towards being self-reliant and self-sustaining community.

Community Outreach Program: Gawad Kalinga – Hope Alberto Balcells Village


Before Kalipay Negrense Foundation was established in 2007, its President and Founder, Ms. Anna Balcells was already involved in a community outreach project, Gawad Kalinga at Barangay Kabatangan in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.  Her family donated a number of houses to GK beneficiaries.  Her commitment to help the poorest of the poor did not diminish.