How to Find a Felony Approved Apartment Near Me

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Felony Approved Apartment

If you are in need of a place to live after a felony conviction, you can find a Felony Approved Apartment Near Me. The government provides free housing programs and runs local offices to help felons find better housing options. You can apply within a few weeks. These government housing programs are not available to those who were convicted of violent crimes or sex crimes. However, these apartments do exist and are a great option.

Providing As Many References As Possible Will Help You Get A Better Deal

Many landlords have very strict criteria when it comes to tenants with felonies. These landlords will want to see proof of their criminal convictions during their background check. If your criminal record is not too serious, you can try looking in less popular neighborhoods. Apartments on the outskirts of a major city have lower rents and landlords have fewer demands. You can also search for apartments that are duplexes or single family homes as they will often be owned by private landlords.

You should also have as many references as possible. Your landlord needs to be convinced that you are trustworthy and can live up to their standards. Get as many references as you can, including friends, family, colleagues, and employers. It is important to include references from employers because it shows that you have been employed and have assimilated into society. Providing as many references as possible will help you get a better deal.

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