Phone Number Fraud Prevention

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Scammers use many different tactics to steal from their victims. They use false promises and phony threats. They may pose as a family member, friend, government official, business partner, or a charity. They may offer a cheap travel package, a product trial, or an offer of low-risk, high-return investments.

Preventing Fraud with Phone Number Verification

Scammers may also attempt to commit identity theft by stealing or using your personal information. For example, they may try to set up a cell phone account in your name. They may also use your information to steal from your bank account, or make purchases.

Adding phone number fraud prevention capabilities to your organization is a great way to thwart suspicious access attempts. It ensures that pre-registered telephone numbers are safe from the scourge of phone fraud.

Scammers are also known to make use of cloned cell phones. These phones mimic the ESN and MIN of a genuine cell phone. They can then transmit the ESN to another cell phone, which can be billed to the legitimate account holder.

Scammers can also use your phone’s capabilities to access your text messages and call your phone carrier to request a SIM swap. These types of scams are becoming more commonplace as scammers attempt to gain access to your accounts.

The best way to protect yourself against phone fraud is to be aware of its potential. You should keep your contact information up to date, and do your part to report any suspicious behavior. If you are unsure of the best way to go about this, your local police department or state consumer protection office may be able to help.

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